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Oil Well Drilling/Cementing

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Imerys is a world leader in the extraction and processing of industrial minerals.

The Minerals for the Petroleum Industry team within Imerys is dedicated to providing a wide range of minerals and mineral-based products and services to oilfield service companies and also other manufacturers of drilling fluids and cementing and other products for oilfield use. The Minerals for the Petroleum Industry team is completely focused on understanding and meeting the needs for minerals in oilfield applications and applying Imerys deep knowledge of minerals, their processing, modification and customisation, to solve customers problems with mineral solutions. In the field of minerals for oilfield applications, Imerys is unique in the breadth of products which it mines, processes and supplies.


Imerys product range is summarised below.


Calcium Carbonate

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Imerys manufactures fine, medium and coarse grades of mica for use as loss circulation materials. Imerys produces phlogopite and muscovite mica grades with mica contents of up to over 95%.

Imerys micas are manufactured in USA, Canada, UK and France.



Imerys is a world leader in the manufacture of natural graphite and primary synthetic graphite products and conductive carbons. Graphites are used in drilling fluids to provide lubrication, especially in complex drilling situations and also to contribute to the control of fluid loss and to well-bore strengthening.


Imerys graphites and carbons are manufactured by its wholly owned subsidiary, Timcal SA, in Canada, Belgium and Switzerland.



Imerys produces OCMA grade bentonite for use as a viscosifier (or rheology modifier) and fluid loss control material.


Imerys bentonite is manufactured in South Africa.



Imerys diatomites (also referred to as diatomaceous earth or kieselguhr) find application for drilling fluids and also in oilwell cementing.


Diatomite can be used as a loss circulation material in drilling fluids to form a rapid dewatering plug and block loss of fluid. Diatomite is also used as a filtration material, in diatomite filter units, to remove solids from completion and work-over fluids.


Diatomite is used in oilwell cementing as an extender and as a pozzolanic additive to reduce the permeability of the hardened cement to liquids and gases.


Imerys diatomites are manufactured in USA, France, Spain and China.



Imerys perlites are lightweight minerals used in oilwell cementing to reduce cement slurry density.

Imerys perlites are manufactured in USA, UK, Spain, Italy and Turkey.



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