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Specialty Mica Products

The addition of these specialty mica products offers Imerys a strong complement to our current calcium carbonate, kaolin, mica, and feldspathic product lines that serve our strategic growth markets in the plastics and coatings industries.  Acquiring the muscovite and phlogopite mica businesses not only reaffirms our commitment to grow in the plastics and coatings market, but will also enhance our ability to leverage multiple minerals in the areas of new product and application development.  This acquisition will enable us to better serve our customers, not only in North America, but globally by offering customers a broader array of formulating options for their products.” 

Phlogopite Mica is the material of choice to increase the characteristics and durability of plastic composites used in automotive applications.


Muscovite Mica
Muscovite is the most common mica mineral. It imparts thermal stability, resistance to heat, moisture and light in coatings, and also offers decorative effects.


Feldspathic Sands
A mixture of quartz and potash feldspar, feldspathic sand is used to produce various glass products and construction materials.


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