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Mica for Nylon Reinforcement

Imerys mica grades for plastics provide cost-effective improvements in the critical properties of many thermoplastic composites, particularly those based on polypropylene (PP), nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 resins.


Mica improves thermoplastic composites

Mica can be incorporated in resin systems by processing dry blends of mica with powdered resins or added in masterbatch concentrate. the resulting composites may be fabricated by standard
thermoplastics processing methods, e.g., injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, extrusion, rotomolding, etc. typical enduse applications for mica-reinforced composites are in formed automotive products such as fenders, fascia and seat backs and in plastic casings requiring outstanding stiffness and/or sound and vibration dampening.


Mica occurs in a book-like form, which is delaminated into extremely thin, high-aspect ratio particles that are tough and flexible. Imerys mines silvery white muscovite mica in Kings Mountain, North Carolina for use in color-sensitive applications. phlogopite mica is processed in Boucherville, Quebec and provides even higher heat resistance for plastic composites.


When compared to virgin nylon resin and to other mineral additives, Imerys mica offers:


BulletSignificantly higher flexural modulus
BulletDramatically improved heat deflection temperature

BulletWarpage essentially eliminated versus glass fibers due to low shrinkage in both    parallel and perpendicular directions
BulletReduced coefficient of linear thermal expansion (cLTe)
BulletLightweight solution to suppress sound and vibration
BulletImproved electrical insulation properties


Imerys Mica Grades for Plastic Composites

Typical Properties
Grades Color Mean Particle Size (µm) Bulk Density (lbs/ft3) Shape Factor (Jennings) Surface Area
Specific Gravity Product Type
WG-325 White 35 11 90 4.4 2.8 Wet Ground
C-3000 White 25 13 70 5.4 2.8 Micronized
L-135 White 260 14 - 1.2 2.8 Flake
325-HK Bronze 30 14 80 2.7 2.8 Dry Ground
200-HK Bronze 65 13 60 2.1 2.8 Dry Ground
150-S Bronze 140 15 135 2.2 2.8 Dry Ground


WG-325, C-3000 & L-135 are Muscovite Micas.

325-HK, 200-HK & 150-S are Phlogopite Micas.


Product Related Literature

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