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Mica is a naturally occurring phyllosilicate. Due to the platy nature of the material, IMERYS mica has excellent flexural and bridging characteristics, which contribute to crack resistance in coating applications. This platy nature also enhances release performance in applications such as rubber molding and sheet production. In plastics markets, mica enhances flexural modulus and heat deflection temperature, making it an ideal reinforcement for PP and nylon composites. It is chemically inert and resistant to thermal decomposition. Mica is used in aqueous applications such as joint compounds, sealants and adhesives.


Phlogopite Mica

Phlogopite mica has long been the material of choice for dimensional stability, increased stiffness and improved heat distortion temperature of plastic composites used in automotive applications.


Well recognized for its reinforcing and barrier properties, as well as its chemical inertness, phlogopite mica is also used as a sound and vibration-damping additive in polymeric and asphalt based coatings for under-the-carpet automotive applications. As noise reduction in every day life is important, it has become a major factor in the design of plastic parts.


For the past 26 years, our phlogopite mica has provided specialty products to improve the physical properties of polypropylene, polyethylene, PBT, PET, PPO and nylon composites.


Phlogopite mica grades are effective reinforcing additives yielding performance benefits and cost advantages. Usage of mica additives enhances design flexibility, surface appearance and provides a cost advantage.


Our family of phlogopite mica products includes processed ore grades as well as highly delaminated and purified mica products from Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.


Lab studies show improvements in key performance properties including elasticity, rupture and water resistance. These benefits can be expanded into other resin-based composites such as polypropylene, PVC, ABS and their recycles.


Boucherville, Quebec, a suburb of MontrealPhlogopite mica is available in a variety of product sizes to meet customer requirements in reinforced plastic, brake pad, joint cement fireproofing and sound vibration damping applications.

Phlogopite mica is mined in an open pit mining operation in Suzor Township, Quebec, Canada, approximately 186 miles (300 kilometers) north of Montreal. The ore is mined by standard open pit methods and delivered to a siding for transportation by rail to the processing plant, which is located in Boucherville, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal.


Because of its distinct thermal stability advantage over competitive materials, phlogopite mica is used to impart rigidity in technological and high-temperature plastic applications. Phlogopite Mica is used as a partial or complete substitute for asbestos in fire retardation. It is also used in friction materials, oil well drilling needs, caulking and molding compounds, coatings, plasters and plastics.


The principal markets served are the automobile, construction and oil drilling industries. These products are marketed under the trade names Suzorite Mica and Suzorex.


Muscovite Mica

Produced and processed at our plant in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Imerys Muscovite Mica is suitable for applications requiring a lower thermal stability. Manufacturers specify muscovite mica for applications requiring the reinforcement of coatings and where greater resistance to moisture, heat, light and chemicals is needed. It is a functional extender that improves crack resistance and reduced film permeability. It also promotes adhesion in both water and solvent-based formulations.

As a platy mineral, it offers beneficial rheological properties in coatings and also reduces sagging and running. Mica is specified to brighten the tone of colored pigments and offers decorative effects.


Feldspathic Sands

Feldspathic sand from our Kings Mountain, North Carolina, mine is a blend of quartz sand and potash feldspar uniquely suited for glass and ceramic formulations requiring an alumina source. Selective mining and blending capabilities allow for strict chemical value control. This feature and our ability to maintain control of particle top-size and the fine fraction are significant positive melting features.


KQ-40 Feldspathic Sand can be utilized in float glass, fiberglass, container glass, and brick applications.


Kings Mountain, North Carolina

Sand products are also available as construction materials, with applications including golf course construction, asphalt paving formulas and concrete/asphalt underfill.


Imerys' Muscovite Mica, Feldspar Sands and Kaolin Clay products are mined and processed at our modern Kings Mountain facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

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