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Mica for Sound Damping

IMERYS mica's have proven benefits in noise management.

The use of mica to improve the sound proofing characteristics of a polymeric compound is well known. Many types of minerals can be used to achieve the maximum amount of heat dissipation, but as shown in figure 2, mica remains the most efficient product to create the maximum value for tan (δ).


                            Figure 2:

                             Figure 2


                            Shucai et al Int. J. Polym. Mat vol 29 issue 1-1 pp37-42 1995)


Typical mica sound proofing applications are:

bullet pointPlastic housing for electric power tools

bullet point'Under-the-bonnet' automotive parts

bullet pointBitumen panels & liners for use in automotive and domestic appliances
bullet pointWater-based structural vibration damping coating for trains, boats, buses aeroplanes,    cars and many other applications.


In most cases, sound proofing is not the only property desired from a polymer based composite, it is therefore important to note that mica can also provide other application benefits.


Other application benefits of Imerys Mica:

bullet pointIncreased flexural modulus and strength

bullet pointDemonstrable cost advantages

bullet pointImproved heat deflection (HDT) performance

bullet pointIncreased tensile strength

bullet pointImproved impact properties

bullet pointDecorative effects


Imerys recommends the following micas for sound proofing:


Quick View

European Mica

US Mica

Plastic parts (PP, N6^)* M880K L125
Suzorite 60S
Bitumen membranes M880K Suzorite 40S
Suzorite 60S
Water-based coatings MU 454 C 3000


*See product related literature for technical work.


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