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Mica in Paint Applications

Imerys muscovite mica reinforces the paint film during drying and curing

Reduces internal stress caused by oxidation, thermal expansion & contracting
BulletImproves the paint film’s flexibility
BulletImproves mudcrack resistance

Imerys muscovite mica provides excellent barrier protection

BulletMica flakes align parallel to the substrate
BulletProvides low moisture & gas permeability
BulletImproves stain resistance

Imerys muscovite micas high aspect ratio provides beneficial rheological properties

BulletImproved sag resistance

Imerys  mica near the surface of the coating protects the system by reflecting harmful  radiation

BulletMica improves weathering and UV degradation resistance

Recommended Products

Recommended micronized mica for coating applications include:
BulletMica MKT
BulletMica MU M2/1


Recommended dry ground mica for coating applications include:
BulletMica MU 101
BulletMica MU 85F


Coarse mica flakes can provide an aesthetic appeal (glitter effect). Recommended flake and non delaminated mica include:
BulletMica MU 450
BulletMica MU 454


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