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Focus on Mica

Imerys extract and process Mica from their own deposits in France, as well as processing mica from other Imerys owned locations. Each of our mica deposits is proven to last for many years to come. This is audited on a regular basis by a competent person from an external organisation.

Mica occurs in many locations around the world and as would be expected of a World Class Performance Mineral supplier we are aware of the quality of global reserves and the opportunities they offer. This knowledge, in combination with our mineral processing skills and quality control systems, will allow us to maintain and develop our portfolio for all industries in response to market demand.


Imerys have proven reserves of high quality mica to meet customers needs in the short medium and long term.

Mica is the name of a family of products which are used for their unique properties deriving from the particle size and shape and chemical composition. 


In the paint industry Mica is used for the optical effect it can give, either as a mineral used on it’s own or as a component of complex pigments. The name Glimmer describes the visual effect these materials can give. Many cars have sound insulation built into them, mica compounded into rubber absorbs sound making cars more relaxing and hence safe.


Imerys will continue to develop it’s portfolio of minerals in response to market demands for new functionalities and performance, we can do this as we are a recognised world leader in mineral processing and applications technology.


We encourage you to ask us your technical questions to allow us to demonstrate our expertise.




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