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Kaolin is a hydrated aluminum silicate crystalline mineral formed over millions of years by the hydrothermal decomposition or weathering of granite. One of the most abundant minerals on earth, it is characterized by its fine particle shape and chemical inertness. IMERYS is the world's largest producer of high quality kaolin and has deposits and production plants in the USA, UK and Europe, Brazil and Australia. Such a wide range of high quality kaolin reserves is unique.


IMERYS also has one of the industry's broadest portfolios of kaolin products, prepared in a variety of forms. They are used in applications as diverse as USP fine minerals for cosmetics and skin care; to wire & cable systems for improved dielectric and physical properties; or in paint and coatings; rubber compounds; or as polishing agents in auto care products. Various processes are used by

IMERYS to enhance the properties of our kaolin deposits. Kaolins can be airfloat, hydrous, delaminated or calcined pigments.


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Mineralogy: Kaolinite
Particle Size: Platy, with typical aspect ratio of: 20:1
Specific Gravity: 2.6
Refractive Index: 1.56
MOH Hardness: 2.5
pH: 5.0 - 7.5




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