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Kaolin in Rubber Applications

Reinforcement of rubber compounds generally increases as the particle size the kaolin decreases. Imerys have a range of kaolins from ultrafine Supreme to relatively coarse Polwhite E, allowing the rubber formulator to select a suitable kaolin and achieve the balance of rubber properties required. Fine kaolin offers greater reinforcement, higher tensile strength and lower abrasion loss than coarser kaolin.


The semi-reinforcing properties of fine kaolin, gives the opportunity to partially substitute more expensive synthetic materials such as silica.


Kaolin also gives barrier properties which are beneficial when formulating compounds for hoses and gaskets.


Coarser kaolin can be used at higher loading levels due to their improved dispersability, a typical application is rubber flooring where good abrasion resistance is needed.


Processing Properties

Processing properties of coarser kaolin such as mill sticking and dispersability are typically less problematical than finer kaolins, our technical manager can help guide you to the most suitable material for your application, balancing the physical properties of your end product and the processing properties.


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