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Kaolin in Sealants & Adhesives Applications

An important property in sealants and adhesives is the rheology of the formulation, both in the mixing by the producer and in application by the end user. The requirements may be different, for example, the producer may want low viscosity at high shear rates, to make mixing and dispersion faster and more efficient. In contrast, the end user may need a high viscosity at low shear rates to prevent slumping or spreading of the adhesive where it is not required.


Paper Laminating

In applications such as high speed paper laminating, the end user will want medium-high viscosity at high shear rates, this prevents splashing that would occur if the formulation had low viscosity at high shear rates.


Viscosity Modification

A carefully selected kaolin with a suitable particle size and size distribution can be used to control both low and high shear viscosities during production, application and post application. The choice of kaolin will be very dependent on the customers formulation and we strongly advise contacting our technical manager who will be able to guide you  to the most suitable material.

Kaolin is a naturally platy mineral, the platy shape can give good barrier properties in sealants by creating a tortuous path to protect the material that has been sealed.


Product Related Literature

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