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There are several types of feldspars: most deposits offer sodium feldspar, potassium feldspar and mixed feldspars.



Feldspars are aluminosilicates. Their fusibility and purity make them a useful raw material with many industrial applications. The geological context specific to each deposit gives the feldspars a variety of physical and chemical properties, thus providing products for a full-range of ceramic and glass-making applications.


Markets for Feldspar

Feldspars are used:

Bulletas fluxing agents in the production of ceramics, where they play a vital role in the firing of tiles,    sanitaryware, tableware and glazes.

Bulletin glass-making, where they provide the aluminium that enhances the strength and transparency    of hollow glass, flat glass, and glass wool.

Bulletas fillers in paints, plasters, insulation etc


Production Processes

Bulletonce the project zone has been defined, the area is blasted to break up the rock and make it    accessible to the diggers and loaders. The ore is then extracted and transported to the process    plant.

Bulletfeed stocks are built up and sampled at the quarry. Samples are tested with a view to providing    the process plant with a constant homogeneous supply that is appropriate for the product in    production.

Bulletaggregates are returned to the quarry. The remaining product is sold directly in the form of
 sand to glass manufacturers; or ground up and packed for ceramics markets.


Quick View

  Soda-Feldspar Calc-Feldspar Potash-Feldspar
Mineralogy: Albite Anorthite Orthoclase
Typical Aspect Ratio 1 – 2 :1 1 – 2 :1 1 – 2 :1
Specific Gravity 2.62 2.73 2.56
Refractive Index 1.53 1.58 1.52
Hardness (Moh’s) 6 6 6
Moisture (max %) 4 4 4
pH (untreated) ~6 ~6 ~6




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