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Toll Processing Solutions Europe

Imerys is your manufacturing partner in mineral processing, testing and product development


BulletMake product suitable for market testing

Validate your product or process on industry standard equipment
Full scale processing without the need for investment in new equipment
Use Imerys processing and testing skills to complete your product   development


How can Imerys Performance & Filtration Minerals help?

Imerys is uniquely positioned to offer the highest level of services, with decades of experience in processing a vast portfolio of minerals.

With designated facilities capable of gramme sized pilot operations to kilotonne sized toll production, our toll plant in Cornwall, UK can meet its client's demands, whatever their size.

IMERYS Toll Processing Services offer state of the art analytical testing and quality control facilities as well as applications testing in modern, fully equipped, specialised laboratories serving the paints & coatings, plastics, rubber, paper, building, adhesives and chemicals markets.


Take advantage of a powerful combination of particle processing capability, testing and market knowledge.



Features and Benefits

The flexibility of our installations allows us to support you on all required project scales. Whether you need a limited trial or a full processing service, your company can save on expensive equipment and plant investment by benefiting from our large expertise in mineral processing
and product development.


We also have the ability to re-configure our pilot specifications quickly to meet your particular requirements. Thanks to our engineering workshop, we can offer small scale bespoke engineered solutions to projects as required.


Feature Benefit
Pilot-scale processing
arrowEliminate the need for expensive pilot-scale equipment for
  one-off / limited trials / sample production.

arrowCall on Imerys’ extensive processing experience to achieve   goals quickly and efficiently.

arrowEnsure production meets all regulatory requirements.
Scale-up processing
arrowAchieve an intermediate product to test fitness-for-use before   investing in full scale equipment.

arrowImerys’ processing knowledge can help improve plant   efficiency and / or product suitability.
Full scale toll processing facilities arrowSupply the market without the need for large investments in   processing plants.

arrowHave a specially designed product made and supplied   exclusively.


Toll Processing services and material enhancement

Do you need to perform industrial trials or do you need help processing your products? Do not hesitate and contact us to arrange a meeting with our experts and to define the scope and specifications for your needs.


Some of our services include:

Material Enhancement

Particle Size Manipulation arrowCrushing, milling and media grinding

arrowManipulation of fine and ultra-fine particle size, centrifugal size   classification
Calcination and Wet Preparations arrowHigh temperature manipulation (Batch soak calcination, rotary   and flash calcination)

arrowSlurry preparation using high power makedown systems
Chemical Treatment arrowSurface chemistry and treatment with stearic acid or silanes,   particle morphology treatment

arrowPrecipitation of colloidal chemistry, selective removal of   particular contaminants
Agglomeration / Granulation arrowDisintegration of agglomerates and manipulation of powder   characteristics

arrowGranulation, extrusion and pelletisation (pan granulators, pin   pelletisation, pug milling and roller extruders)


Filtration - Separation techniques

Solid - Liquid Separation


Selective separation of solid materials from liquid suspensions to produce dry or paste materials
arrowMembrane, tube pressing and traditional plate-and-frame   filtration

arrowCentrifugal thickening of particulate suspensions

arrowFluid bed / de-agglomeration drying

arrowApron-drying, spray drying, rotary drying

arrowEvaporation, sedimentation, hydrocloning

arrowDense media systems for separation particles with differing   densities
Solid - Solid

Partition of particulates based on physical characteristics
arrowAir classification (removal of oversize or undersize particles   down to 15μm)

arrowScreening (down to 15μm), Elutriation (removal of ultra-fine   particles below 10μm)

arrowSuperconducting high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS)
Solid - Gas

Removal of fines from gas or free air from particulate systems
arrowDust collection systems, air-classification and cyclone   technology

arrowDe-airing towers, wet wall contactors
Chemical Separation

Selective concentration by manipulation of surface
arrowSelective flocculation, inverse flotation, cascade flotation, bubble   column flotation

arrowReductive bleaching, oxidative (e.g. ozone) contacting


IMERYS Perfomance Minerals are active across Europe in the plastics, rubber, paint, adhesives and chemicals markets. We have a highly qualified team of scientists with detailed knowledge of the market requirement - we can talk your language.


To learn more about what we can do for you contact


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