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Performance minerals for performance applications


Imerys produce a wide portfolio of performance minerals from assets around the globe.


Calcium Carbonate

The most widely used mineral in industrial applications is calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate can be found in most countries as chalk (also known as whiting), limestone and marble. Imerys have perfected techniques of processing the raw materials into value adding materials, in many cases making it more than simply a cost reducing filler. The Imerys portfolio includes uncoated and coated calcium carbonates.


Kaolin and Calcined clay

Good quality kaolin deposits have been secured by Imerys across the globe. As with calcium carbonate we have used our processing skills to transform the raw material into functional value adding materials. Our range includes a full range of particle sizes of hydrous kaolin and calcined kaolin, coated and uncoated.


Ball Clay

Ball clays are extensively used in the ceramic industry, selected grades offer good performance in rubber and adhesives.



Mica is not as widely used as calcium carbonate or kaolin but give particularly useful properties in paint.


Take a look at the market pages to see a selection of the applications.


Toll Processing Solutions

Finally, because of our long and deep knowledge of mineral processing and applications, we can offer a toll processing service for customers who want minerals processed in particular ways.




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