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Events Reviewed

FILTECH - 22nd - 24th March 2011

FILTECH continues to be the world’s largest special interest event for filtration and separation technology.

The overall response to World Minerals’ second exhibitor appearance at the show was extremely positive. Visitor numbers to the World Minerals exhibit increased, confirming our position as a world leading supplier of engineered mineral products for the filtration industry.

Even though Filtech is a general filtration exhibition and not application-specific, our new beer stabilising product, Celite Cynergy™, surprisingly proved to be of particular interest. Celite Cynergy™ is a diatomite filter aid that performs better at both filtering and chill-proofing than diatomaceous earth and silica gel added separately. Nick Coote, Market Manager for Filtration at World Minerals, summarised the interest: "What we are offering is something that the industry has not seen before. It is always exciting to have new products come to fruition, and our promotional efforts at the show were very effective at communicating this to our customers”.

We were delighted with the interest received and had many discussions with not only customers but also the filter suppliers, building on the teamwork we need with those who make the equipment in which our products are used.

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K2010 - 27th October - 3rd November

The best and most productive K to date. What has historically always been a major show for Imerys has this year exceeded all expectations.


Stand traffic has been at least 30% higher than previous exhibitions and the visitors have been much more focussed, with specific goals and problems to be solved. This has given the opportunity for our technical support teams to show their true value to our customer base.


Imerys Stand at K2010    Imerys Stand at K2010    Imerys Stand at K2010


One area in which there has been particular interest is the recent introduction of IMERYS’ FiberLink™ product for use in nonwovens.


FiberLink™ has been specifically engineered to enable the amount of resin used in nonwoven production to be substantially reduced. This reduces the overall carbon footprint of the final product whilst also providing a cost saving. Specific performance enhancement is achieved in certain applications. For further information visit


Biopolymers, in general, is an area of significant interest for many of the companies exhibiting here. Imerys’ recent work and product introduction in this sustainable technology has drawn new customers to our stand where we have been able to share with them the most recent innovations in biocompatible minerals.


The relatively recent introduction of mica into IMERYS’ multi-mineral portfolio has strengthened the overall offering that we can make to our customers, with a selection of dedicated grades for improved dimensional stability in engineering polymers.


TIMCAL, a division of IMERYS, has had significant interest in its new TIMREX C-THERM grades of expanded graphite, providing a simple and efficient way to get thermal conductivity into polymers


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International Nonwoven Symposium - June 8-10th 2010

The International Nonwovens Symposium is aimed at the entire nonwovens industry. The programme featured a mix of technical and market oriented papers on nonwovens in all types of applications. The International Nonwovens Symposium is the European event in 2010 for educational and networking opportunities and monitoring latest industry developments.


Imerys provided a table-top display and presented a paper entitled ‘Benefits of Mineral Additives in Spunlaid and Drylaid Applications’ copies of which are available by request.


The overall response to the presentation was very positive and generated significant interest from the industry. The potential of using minerals certainly gave delegates some food for thought for their specific applications and most were intrigued by all the benefits potentially achievable.  Overall, the symposium was an excellent way to promote Imerys FiberLink™ to a wider audience, which included raw material suppliers (resins, additives etc.), nonwoven producers, downstream convertors, and also machinery providers.  The event also gave us the opportunity to follow-up on some of the ongoing trials with customers and we have generated further interest in FiberLink™ from various companies in both Europe and the US.


We would like to thank EDANA for giving us the opportunity to present. Please contact us or visit for further information.


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IDEA 10 - 27th - 29th April 2010

The nonwovens idustry has many regional and theme shows, but only one major show per year that is global in scope with respect to attendees and exhibitors. These shows, are held every three years in their respective regions- IDEA in the US, Index in Europe, and Anex in Asia. In April this year the IDEA show was held in Miami, Florida, USA, and Imerys Performance & Filtration Minerals (PFME) was present alongside our North American Performance Minerals (NAPM) colleagues. At the show we promoted the benefits of incorporation of FiberLink™ ground calcium carbonate in nonwoven fibres and fabrics. In the 4 weeks leading up to the show, PFME and NAPM jointly put together a new website (, as well as print and internet banner ads in Nonwovens Industry and their website. The promotional efforts and personal invitations to industry members paid off and our booth had over 100 logged visits and there were also many preplanned or ad hoc meetings held outside of the booth. It was also expecially useful as a forum to pull together the US and European teams not just of Imerys but our global customer targets as well for some beneficial face to face meetings.


The overall response to Imerys' first exhibitor appearance at the show was extremely positive. The messages of improved filtration efficiency, increased softness and opacity, decreased carbon footprint, and reduced cost were favourably received. Matt Carey, editor of Nonwovens Industry summarised it very well when he said that "what Imerys is offering is something that the industry has not seen before. It is exciting and our promotional efforts were very effective at communicating this to the industry" . As a result of the show and discussions, seven new programmes with spunmelters (spunbonders or meltblowers) were initiated for PFME with five of these interested enough to request masterbatched FiberLink™ as soon as it can be provided.


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Black and Green? Carbon footprint and sustainability for Formulations - 14th April 2010

This was the first in a series of one day symposia organised by the RSC Formulation Science and Technology Group to look at the sustainability of formulations in terms of raw materials, manufacturing and formulation issues and also to address how Industries can improve their Carbon Footprints by clever formulation technology.


Imerys presented a paper entitled ‘Mineral uses for a Sustainable Future - an Industrial Perspective’ copies of which are available by request.... read abstract


The conference had about 50 delegates from a wide range of industries including representatives from Shell, Unilever, AkzoNobel, P&G, Bosch, Evonik and Dow AgroSciences.


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Middle East Coatings Show - 29th - 31st March 2010

The Middle East Coatings Show continues to be the largest dedicated coatings event in the Middle East and Gulf Region for raw materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the coatings industry.


Imerys Performance Minerals joined forces with World Minerals, part of the Imerys Group, to showcase their extensive range of minerals for paint & coatings. MECS was the event selected to highlight their range of natural functional matting additives. A technical presentation was given by Julian Danvers during the show.


The cooperation between Imerys Performance Minerals and World Minerals allows Imerys to offer customers an unrivalled, extensive mineral portfolio for the paint & coatings industry throughout Europe & the Middle East.


Visitor numbers to the Imerys exhibit continue to increase with every show, confirming our position as a major supplier of value adding materials to the coatings market. Imerys were delighted with the interest received and had many discussions with major customers and also some smaller customers, resulting in new opportunities to expand their business in the future.

The Middle East Coatings Show promotes the latest paint and coatings technologies for the region’s environmental, manufacturing and industrial needs and provides a fantastic opportunity to network with the industry's world's leaders.


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Keynote presentation by Imerys at the FuturoClays Seminar in Newcastle, UK

Imerys were delighted to take part in the FuturoClays Seminar organised by the Clay Minerals Group of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain. The Clay Minerals Group promotes the advancement of clay science and clay technology as applied to all aspects of pure and applied research and industrial uses. The interests of its members cover a wide spectrum, including mining and mineral processing, soils and plant nutrition, crystallography, sedimentary geology, ceramics, petroleum engineering and medicine.


The seminar’s themes were advances in clay science for future geological, environmental and industrial application. The first day focused on the theme of 'iron reduction in clays and clay minerals', while the second day was a more general session dealing with all new advances in the field of clay science. Thus on the second day Dr Deeba Ansari, Technology Director for Performance and Filtration Minerals, Europe, gave a keynote address entitled “Current and future demands for clay minerals – an industrial perspective.”  This was well-received and prompted some interesting discussions with many of the academics working in the field of clay minerals... read abstract


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RadTech 2009

During October Imerys exhibited at Radtech 2009 in Nice, the leading European event for radiation cured coatings. This was the first time that Imerys had attended the exhibition, a point noted by several other, more seasoned, exhibitors and our booth created a great deal of interest with a high percentage of the conference attendees visiting the stand.

Imerys selected Radtech 2009 as the venue to launch ImerCure™ X10, a novel additive for improving the performance of UV Cured resins and varnishes. Used as a partial replacement for the Resin, ImerCure™ X10 increases the film hardness and strength whilst also helping to reduce brittleness. In addition to these significant improvements, ImerCure X10 also provides a degree of gloss control allowing matt and satin finishes to be achieved with excellent product consistency.

If you missed or were unable to attend Radtech 2009 you can find more information on ImerCure™ X10 by following this link or by contacting our Technical Manager.


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Nano-Enabled Coatings 2009

Nano-Enabled Coatings 2009 was organised by the NanoKTN knowledge transfer network and held at BMA house in London on 23rd September. Over 100 delegates attended the conference and exhibition, which showcased the many and diverse applications of nanoparticles in coatings.
Imerys presented a paper entitled ‘The near-nano region: Use of ultrafine natural minerals in protective coatings’ , which described how many of the functionalities of nanoparticles in coatings which have created such interest can in fact be achieved with engineered natural minerals that are not strictly nano-sized. Case studies were presented which illustrate how the barrier performance of BARRISURF™ kaolins can match or exceed that of nanoclays, and also how ImerCure™, a new product development, can strengthen and harden transparent UV-cured coatings beyond what is achievable with nanoalumina.


The meeting began with an overview of the market for nanoparticles in coatings, which is still expected to show strong growth despite the economic downturn. Other contributors described the use of nanoparticles as UV absorbers, antimicrobial additives, photocatalysts and in holographic printing. The many problems associated with the use of nanoparticles such as dispersion, drying, safety and regulation were also widely discussed.


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European Coatings Show - 31 March - 02 April 2009

The European Coatings Show, now in its 10th year is still the main coatings event in Europe for raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the coatings industry.


Approximately 20,000 trade visitors attended ECS in Nürnberg coming from over 90 countries. This exceeded the expectations of the exhibiting companies.


Imerys Performance Minerals joined forces with World Minerals, part of the Imerys Group, to showcase their extensive range of minerals for paint & coatings. ECS was the event selected to highlight two new product developments; Barrisurf™ a new concept for water based barrier coatings and CelTiX™ a new natural diatomite additive for paint & coatings.


The cooperation between Imerys Performance Minerals and World Minerals allows Imerys to offer customers an unrivalled, extensive mineral portfolio for the paint & coatings industry throughout Europe.


Visitor numbers to the Imerys exhibit continue to increase with every show, confirming our position as a major supplier of value adding materials to the coatings market. Imerys were delighted with the interest received and had many discussions with major customers and also some smaller customers, resulting in new opportunities to expand their business in the future.


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British Adhesives and Sealants Association and Society for Adhesion and Adhesives - Seminar

A one day seminar was held at the Society of Chemical Industry in central London on 4th December. Over 30 people attended, coming from industrial and academic backgrounds to hear a range of presentations on subjects relevant to adhesives and sealants.


Imerys presented BarriSurf as a new product for water based barrier coatings, highlighting the benefits it can give in coating performance and superior recyclability compared to fluorocarbon or wax based systems. Also presented was the use of ImerSeal for modifed silicone sealant and several grades of kaolin and calcium carbonate for rheology modification.


Other paper presented during the day discussed the migration of additives in sealants, particularly relevant in food packaging applications, volatile organic compound legislation and a topical update on the REACh legislation. The number of companies who have registered across Europe in advance of the deadline of the end of November is surprisingly low, those in UK are well represented. This could lead to difficulties in obtaining materials in future and may result in many customers reformulating.


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PEPP 2008

PEPP is held every year to review the market and technology advances in the world of polyethylene and polypropylene. Organised by Maack Business Services it is respected as one of the leading events of it’s type, proof of this being the truly international range of attendees.


The emerging dominance of the Middle East, regarding PE and PP production, was a recurring topic. It was estimated by several speakers that by 2011, all countries excluding those in the Middle East will be net importers of PE and PP. Also, the capacity increases that were planned several years ago are starting to come on line now – just when demand is dropping as a result of the credit crunch. This will have major implications for any operators of older/smaller and less economic assets.


Technology advances in the production of base resins and additives are increasingly allowing PE and PP to be used in applications where previously other polymers have dominated. ABS used in domestic and automotive applications appear to be the most threatened.


PP film technology is developing rapidly, with major advances in the film clarity that can be achieved, either by modifying the production of the resin or by the use of clarifying additives. Higher clarity PP films are expected to increase their penetration in the large packaging market as a result.


Several papers focussed on the subject of sustainability, pressure to reduce resin consumption, downguaging and light weighting were common themes. Braskem presented some interesting results on the production of PE from ethanol produced from sugar cane, with a net absorbtion of CO2.


Imerys presented the new InFilm HC and HCF products at this event and received several enquiries as a direct result from PE film producers. InFilm HC and HCF complement the existing range of antiblock additives from Imerys Performance Minerals and World Minerals, offering formulators to achieve excellent clarity while maintaining efficient antiblocking performance.


For more information about Imerys products for Plastics and Film click here.

For more information about the organisers of this conference contact Maack Business Services


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Manchester Polymer Group 03 Nov 2008

The Manchester Polymer Group is a regional division of the Plastics and Rubber board, part of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), focusing on the application of science, engineering and design to polymeric materials. Membership of the group ranges from academics and students through small businesses and consultancies to representatives from multi-national chemical companies. The group regularly meets for lectures covering all aspects of polymer science. Imerys were pleased to be invited to present a review of our materials and technical expertise in mineral processing for polymers.


The presentation focused on functional fillers and the properties which may be brought to a composite material via the right choice of mineral with the right physical / chemical characteristics. The effect of mineral use was further illustrated by a number of examples from different application areas.


The talk also presented the opportunity to discuss recently launched materials in the Imerys portfolio, including, InFilm HC & HCF antiblock additives for high clarity film applications, FiberLink™ 101S for non-wovens and the Barrisurf™ kaolin for improved barrier performance.


Of particular interest to the group was the enhanced performance which could be achieved by incorporation of the correct mineral allowing the possibility of downgauging. Sustainability issues involved with the use of polymeric materials, and the impact which could be made by the use of minerals was also of great interest to the attendees.


For more details of the activity of the Manchester Polymer Group see
For more details of the activity of  IOM3 see


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NanoMaterials08 was attended by over 400 delegates from all over Europe to listen to and discuss innovations and forge new connections in the field of nanomaterials. With leading figures from the markets of personal and health care, electronics, plastics, polymers, composites, coatings and inks, the focus was squarely on bringing nanomaterials to markets.


Imerys Performance Minerals was invited to present its new Toll Processing facility at a showcase of UK companies that together provide a range of service capabilities and expertise to assist global business in the commercialisation of nanomaterials.


Imerys Performance Minerals was also represented on a large stand as part of the exhibition running in parallel to the seminars. The exhibition illustrated how Imerys extracts minerals and processes them using complex and often novel techniques to develop solutions that improve its customers’ product performance and manufacturing efficiency.


Imerys’ exhibition stand was busy throughout the two-day event, with interest expressed from several delegates keen to benefit from Imerys’ toll-processing capabilities and Performance Mineral products.


For further information on how Imerys toll-processing facilities can enable new business opportunities in your company, please contact


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Interlakokraska - 04 - 07 March 2008

Paint makers in Russia and the countries of the Russian Federation are rapidly learning about the paint technologies available across the world and finding ways to adapt their specific market requirements.


Interlakokraska was an ideal forum to exchange ideas and information with the leading players in the market and learn more about the market requirements and developments.


All aspects of the paint and coatings industry were served at the show, from raw materials (pigments, extenders, binders, dispersents, solvents) to process equipment (dispersing equipment, materials handling, packaging equipment).


302 companies from 21 countries took part with around 60% being companies from outside Russia. Included in the exhibitor list were leaders of the domestic and foreign markets. From Russia there was С-Petersburg and Tamboy (pigments),  Titan Crimea (TiO2) and the scientific research institute LKP " Victoria ". Multinationals from outside Russia as well as Imerys Performance Minerals included AKZO NOBEL, Kronos Titan, BASF, Bayer, Rohm & Haas, Tikkurila, Netzsch, Wilhelm Niemann and Jotun.


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Middle East Coatings Show - 10 - 12 March 2008

The Middle East Coatings Show 2008, now in its 15th year, is still the only dedicated coatings event in the Middle East and Gulf Region for raw materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the coatings industry. 


The annual show alternates between Dubai and Cairo and has grown in size and importance as the size of the coatings market in the Middle East has grown. Dubai is an ideal location with purpose built, cool exhibition halls that allow exhibitors to display their new products and equipment in a professional but relaxed way.


Middle East markets are growing as a result of diversification away from total reliance on oil revenues. Many countries in the region are developing their tourism sectors which creates demand for all types of building products, including paint.


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K2007 - The truly global plastics show.

Roughly 242,000 trade visitors attended K 2007 in Düsseldorf coming from over 100 countries. The organisers visitor survey confirmed the impressions among exhibitors that visitors’ international reach had once again increased, with 57% coming from outside Germany.


As anticipated, the number of visitors from Asia climbed yet again. 30,000 specialists from the Asian continent flocked to Düsseldorf. Three years ago, 23,000 Asians attended. Among the Asian nations, India once again provided by far the largest contingent of about 10,000. A significant rise in the number of visitors from Thailand and Japan as well as Saudi Arabia and Israel was also recorded. The percentage of Chinese attendees remained constant.


Imerys Performance Minerals shared an exhibit with other Imerys companies World Minerals, Timcal and AGS, who were also exhibiting performance minerals for the plastics and rubber industries. Visitor numbers to the Imerys exhibit continue to increase every show, confirming our position as a major supplier of value adding materials to the growing plastics market. Meetings with key players in the global and regional markets were held to exchange ideas and information about future market developments.


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