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Matting and reinforcement of UV‐cure clearcoats using near‐nanoparticles


Synopsis of paper to be presented at the European Coatings Congress, Nürnberg. Tuesday March 29th 2011, 9.30 – 10.00 by Nick Wood; Imerys; UK

Inorganic mineral particles and fillers are not widely used in clear coatings, as they reduce transparency and offer limited functionality. Exceptions are microporous silica, which is used at low addition levels for matting, and coarse alumina particles which are sometimes added for abrasion resistance. Recently, silica or alumina nanoparticles have been introduced to improve scratch resistance, but these are expensive and have not seen widespread uptake.

In this paper we show how near-nano sized, high aspect ratio aluminosilicate particles can be used to improve mechanical properties and matting in UV-cure clearcoats. High transparency is maintained due to the size and refractive index of the particles, even at addition levels of up to 15 wt% or more. These particles reinforce the coating, increasing hardness, tensile strength and modulus without making them more brittle. Gloss reduction often exceeds that of microporous silica, with very limited effects upon coating viscosity.


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