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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) extension in decorative paints


Never has titanium dioxide extension been more important in decorative paints.  Opacifying extenders from Imerys can reduce a paint manufacturer’s total titanium dioxide requirement, while at the same time making savings in the raw material cost per litre of paint.


Imerys opacifying extenders allow the replacement of up to 10% titanium dioxide in a paint without any loss of opacity or other key properties.


Imerys opacifying extenders allow the replacement of up to 15% titanium dioxide in a paint without any loss of opacity or other key properties. 


Hydrous kaolins optimise the titanium dioxide in a formulation by spacing the TiO2 particles for maximum efficiency across a range of pigment volume concentrations (PVCs). 


Engineered products such as flash-calcined kaolins and other specially-selected minerals provide dry hiding to improve opacity in high PVC matt paints. 


Savings of 10 - 15% of the titanium dioxide content can be typical in a fully-optimised formulation.  As well as reducing the total TiO2 requirement, using an opacifying extender can reduce the overall raw material cost of the paint – expected savings of more than 0.05 € / litre can be made in a high opacity matt paint, up to 0.07 € /litre in a full gloss paint.


Imerys offer a range of opacifying extenders to allow maximum formulation flexibility. Supreme™ hydrous kaolin gives the most efficient titanium dioxide spacing with minimal gloss reduction and can be used across the widest range of PVCs, while Speswhite™ combines TiO2 spacing with matting effects.  For improved dry hiding opacity in higher PVC paints Imerys offers Opacilite™ flash-calcined kaolin for high quality wall paints, and CelTiX™ for high opacity one-coat systems and low cost matt paints.


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