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ImerVin™ Efficace




IMERYS has developed ImerVin™ Efficace, an engineered filter aid designed for optimised rotary vacuum filtration of wine musts, especially the difficult to filter musts from thermo-vinification.

ImerVin™ Efficace was designed to help alleviate some of the main concerns expressed by oenologists during vintage filtration:

- Increased capacity requirements – ability to filter more juice during each filtration
- Reduction in powder dosing – more efficient ability of the filter aid to "trap" must solids means lower dosing rates possible
- Less juice losses in the spent filter cake – leading to increased juice being fermented
- Less spent filter cake – lower powder dosing rates and less juice losses means less spent filter cake to be disposed of at the end of filtration


Product Related Literature

PDF fileImerVin Efficace - Filtration Innovation in Wine [1.03MB]


PDF fileImerVin Efficace - Innovation dans la filtration du vin [1.03MB]


PDF fileImerVin Efficace - Innovazione nella filtratzione vinicola [1.03MB]



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