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IMERYS is a leading international supplier of high-performance white minerals, extenders and functional fillers to the polymer and coatings markets.

Drawing on a wide range of minerals with many matching characteristics - including calcium carbonates, clays, kaolins, calcined kaolins, diatomite, feldspar, mica and perlite - Imerys Filtration & Additives Europe makes technical products that are essential for many industries. Its principal markets are plastics & film, rubber, paint & coatings, personal care and sealants & adhesives.

Product Focus

Celite CynersorbNEW! Celite® Cynersorb
Celite® Cynersorb is a soap and phospholipid adsorbent with excellent filtration characteristics

ImerPlast - Innovation in PolymersNEW! ImerCare™ Scrub range

The innovative ImerCare™ Scrub range is an engineered Perlite portfolio created as a natural alternative for polyethylene beads.

Celite Cynergy - a beer stabilising diatomite productCelite Cynergy®

Celite Cynergy® is a beer stabilising diatomite product that filters like diatomaceous earth & cold stabilises like silica gel

OptiGloss is an ultrafine kaolin extender for gloss paints.NEW! OptiGloss™ XD for high gloss paints

OptiGloss™ is an universal extender for high gloss paints.

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