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Imerys is the world leader in adding value to white minerals such as kaolin (china clay).


Our approach can be global, national, or regional, depending on the needs of our customers and their markets. We constantly develop better processes to turn basic mineral resources into high performance materials.


Imerys’ minerals are processed and refined to complement its customer’s production processes, improving the quality and raising the performance of customers products. Imerys can offer tailor-made solutions  based on an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process, production and business constraints of every market segment it serves.


Core Businesses

The Imerys Groups’  continued growth has been due to many factors, excellent mineral reserves, widely recognised technical and commercial expertise and an increasing presence throughout the world. These advantages have enabled Imerys to be highly competitive in each of its four core businesses: Filtration & Performance Additives,(comprised of Filtration & Performance Additives Europe, Middle East and Africa), Energy Solutions & Specialties, Ceramic Materials and High Resistance Minerals– all have leadership positions in their chosen markets.


Many of Imerys’ customers are global companies, and our widespread and growing  network has the capability to supply on a world-wide scale. As a group, Imerys has production units in all five continents, including major sites in the UK, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, USA, Australia, Brazil, Japan and China.


Filtration & Performance Additives EMEA

The region served by “Filtration & Performance Addtives EMEA” covers Africa, Europe (West, Central and Eastern) and the Middle East. Products supplied include functional fillers and extenders based on kaolin (china clay), calcined kaolin (calcined clay), ball clay (secondary clay), talc , mica and feldspar.


Our customers work with us because we consistently provide technical solutions that benefit their businesses.




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