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Dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2)

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Dolomite is calcium magnesium carbonate with rhombohedral shaped crystals. It is harder and more dense than calcite, and slightly more acid resistant.


Markets for Dolomite

As a mineral, Dolomite shares many of the same properties as limestone and can be used, for example, as an extender in paints, as a filler in carpet backing compounds and thermosetting resins and in the glass industry.


IMERYS is a leading producer of high brightness dolomite from production plants in Southwest France. The DRB range offers materials of a complete range of particle sizes, from fine particle size Calcidol which is ideal for Powder Coatings, to DRB 8/25 which is ideal as a filler in thermosetting resins.


Quick View

Mineralogy: Dolomite with some calcite or magnesite
Typical Aspect Ratio: 3:1
Specific Gravity: 2.85
Refractive Index: 1.60
MOH Hardness: 3.5
Moisture: (max %) 0.2
pH: 9-10





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