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CelTiX™ Multifunctional Filler


CelTiX™ was developed to enhance product performance, bringing many advantages to the end formulation.


High Performance Matting and Hiding

CelTiX™ was developed to enhance product performance, bringing many advantages to the end formulation. Due to its specific porous microstructure, CelTiX™ traps air in its voids, which then act like tiny deflecting mirrors, scattering light and adding opacity to the paint film. The tight particle size distribution also provides good sheen control without sacrificing burnish and scrub resistance or surface smoothness.


Chemically inert, CelTiX™ is compatible with typical resins and common formulating additives used in the paint and coatings industry.


Multifunctional Properties

bulletExcellent hiding power

bulletGood matting effect
bulletImproved burnish resistance
bulletFilm permeability control
bulletLow bulk & specific density
bulletReduced thickener requirement
bulletFaster dry-to-touch time
bulletEasily dispersed in water and solvent systems
bulletNo significant crystalline silica content (<0.2%)
bulletLow carbon footprint impact


Formulating With CelTiX™

CelTiX™ offers many advantages to your formulations over other matting and hiding agents which can help rationalize raw materials, reduce costs and enhance product performance. CelTiX™ offers outstanding hiding power without compromising tint strength; it can be used in interior or exterior paints and it allows for high colour intensity and whiteness. CelTiX™ can also be used as a cost effective, high performance replacement for titanium dioxide (up to 20% replacement of TiO2.) Additionally, CelTiX™ enhances your formulation stability, dry time and rheology control.


Typical Results*

Properties Control CelTiX™
Density 1.37 1.35
Viscosity KU @ 25 C 95 97
Paint pH 9.1 9.2
C. Ratio 75 microns / 3 Mils 95.7 96.0
C. Ratio 150 microns / 6 Mils 96.9 97.5
Reflectance 90.2 90.2
Whiteness 83.8 83.9
Yellowness 3.5 3.6
Hunter L 95.1 95.0
Hunter a -0.2 -0.1
Hunter b 1.4 1.4
Gloss @ 60° 2.1 2.0
Sheen @ 85° 1.6 1.4
Tint Strength 47.9 49.1
Burnish Resistance 0.9/4.8 0.6/3.1


*The physical properties of the products represent typical values obtained in accordance with Imerys Filtration test methods and are subject to manufacturing variations. They are provided here as a general reference only, are subject to change without notice, and should not be relied on for any particular application.


For detailed formulation advice please contact us


Product Related Literature

PDF FileCelTiX™ - The new opacifying titanium dioxide extender for high PVC matt paints [552KB]


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