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ImerFill™ 3, 15, 25 & 125

High quality, fine ground, white marble for the concrete industry

ImerFill™ products are finely ground, engineered mineral products that enhance the properties of concrete and other cement-based products. They are produced from high quality white marble reserves in various locations. ImerFill™ products are not by-products but specifically designed materials to replace a portion of Portland cement in concrete applications. They can also be used as an additive, or to replace fly ash or other cement replacement materials. Strictly controlled particle distribution and sizing ensures consistent performance in every batch of concrete. The white color of ImerFill™ products improves appearance and aesthetics while improving the consistency of the color of the concrete.


Benefits include:

bullet pointComparable or higher green strength
bullet pointComparable or higher flexural strength
bullet pointIncreased density
bullet pointReduced permeability
bullet pointReduced efflorescence
bullet pointImproved slump
bullet pointImproved workability and flow
bullet pointImproved surface finish and surface appearance


ImerFill™ as a Cement Replacement


ImerFill™ as a Cement Replacement


ImerFill™ products can be used to substitute part of the Portland cement or other cement replacement materials such as fly ash.


ImerFill™ products provide possibilities for achieving environmental improvements; emitting substantially lower CO2 compared to Portland cement.


bulletImerFill™ products are engineered to have a wide range of positive effects on the performance of concrete or mortar.


bulletThe specific designed particle size distribution optimizes particle packing with the other materials in the mix resulting in beneficial effects on green strength, density, and durability through particle void reductions.


bulletImproved mix fluidity and workability reduces segregation and excessive bleeding contributing to improved surface finishes.


bulletReduction in cement content yields various cost benefits in raw material costs, reduced chemical admixtures, and energy required in placing concrete with positive benefits to the environment.


Product Related Literature

PDF FileImerFill™ - Calcium Carbonates for Cement & Concrete Products [676 KB]


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