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MetaStar® 501

Metakaolin for Concrete Applications


MetaStar® 501 is a premium pozzolanic metakaolin produced by very carefully controlled calcination. When used in Portland cement-based concrete, plaster, and mortar, MetaStar 501 can provide improved strength, durability, workability and plaster finish.


MetaStar 501 is a metakaolin pozzolanic additive that:

Bullet Improves strength, durability, and workability of Portland cement concrete
Bullet Makes Portland cement easier to apply
Bullet Provides smoother finish
Bullet Has bright white color for white and color plasters
Bullet Reduces permeability, efflorescence, and cracking
Bullet Reduces the porosity of hardened concrete
Bullet Contains no undesirable impurities, such as carbon or sulphur, which could affect the curing rate or strength of the final PC product
Bullet Readily disperses in cement-based systems
Bullet Is safe and easy to handle


Product Related Literature

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