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Calcined Kaolin in Rubber Applications

Rubber is the term used to describe many different materials, including natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene, SBR. The exact choice of rubber type and formulation will be determined by the demands of the final application. For example demands of a rubber extrusion will be quite different to those of a pharmaceutical stopper.


Due to the particle shape of calcined kaolin (calcined clay) it offers good reinforcement, excellent extrusion and low compression set, all important properties to the designer of rubber compounds for extruded and moulded components.


When included in EPDM cable compounds, calcined kaolin and surface treated calcined kaolin improve mechanical and electrical properties, reducing energy losses in power transmission. Our range includes grades for use at all voltage levels, Polestar 200R for low voltage cables, through Polarite 103A for medium voltage, to the world leading Polarite 503S for high and very high voltage cables.


PoleStar 200R is widely used in extruded profiles, giving moderate reinforcement, good tensile stregth and good extrusion qualities (measured using Garvey die).


Calcined kaolin is chemically inert and our grades have low heavy metal and soluble alumina content, properties which are beneficial when making pharmaceutical stoppers.


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