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Calcined Kaolin in Paint Applications

Calcined clay from Imerys are used as functional extenders in paint formulations, the presentation available here describes the transformation of kaolin into calcined kaolin and illustrates this with scanning electron micrographs which show the effect on the particle shape and size.


Calcined kaolin affects important paint properties such as mud crack resistance, scrub resistance, gloss and sheen and in particular the effect on opacity.


Examples of how a high quality matt emulsion paints can be formulated with Opacilite™, PoleStar™ 200P and PoleStar 400 are given. Liquid paint and dry film properties are quoted with the emphasis being on the effect on Opacity , which is very often the primary objective of reformulations of this type.


This reformulation has been prepared by our Paint Technical Service Manager and is one of many examples of how we combine our knowledge of minerals with paint technology to help Paint makers improve their products. Please contact us with your specific enquiries.


Traditional calcined kaolins such as PoleStar™ 200P and PoleStar™ 400 give best results in paint above the critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC). Opacilite™ is a calcined clay containing sealed voids which allows it to perform as an extender above and below CPVC. For further information about the versatility of Opacilite in paint formulations click here.


For detailed formulation advice please contact us.


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