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Ball Clay

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Ball Clay is a kaolinitic sedimentary clay of natural origin. Ball Clay is also referred to as a secondary clay, meaning that it has been transported by natural watercourses away from area or geology in which it was generated. The colour of ball clay can be from off white to black, depending on the other minerals and materials that have been sedimented with the kaolin.


IMERYS have an extensive range of ball clay products for the ceramic and Performance Minerals industries.  Ball clays used in Performance Minerals applications consist primarily of kaolin and quartz with variable proportions of other minerals, and are used for the benefits that their particle size distribution offers.


Markets for Ball Clay

In the Rubber industry Imerys ball clays can give significant reinforcement, offering formulators the choice of using a cheaper and cost effective material in place of more expensive synthetic materials such as silica. To request more details click here


Within the Adhesives  industry, the fine particle size of ball clay give desirable viscosity and thixotropic effects that can improve the speed at which adhesives can be applied, beneficial in high speed processes. To request more details click here


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Mineralogy: Kaolin with varying amounts of mica, feldspar, quartz and organic matter
Typical Aspect Ratio: 20:1
Specific Gravity: 2.6
Refractive Index: 1.6
MOH Hardness: 2.5
Moisture: (max %) 4
pH: 5; treated grades 9-10




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