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ImerCure™ X10

ImerCure™ X10 is a functional additive which possesses many special properties which can help formulators to optimize and improve the quality and performance of their products.


The novel near-nanosize mineral additive for UV-cured clear coatings

ImerCure™ X10 brings an innovative combination of properties to radiation-cured coatings.

The specially engineered particle size makes it ideally suited to clear coatings, giving no loss of optical transmission and clarity. But the true benefits of ImerCure™ X10 are its matting effect and improvement in coating mechanical properties.


ImerCure™ X10 provides:

bullet pointMatting and gloss control

bullet pointImproved mechanical properties

bullet pointCost reduction through binder extension

bullet pointExcellent optical properties

bullet pointLittle effect on viscosity

bullet pointNo impact on surface smoothness

bullet pointSpecially designed for UV-cured clear coatings


ImerCure™ X10 - is a natural mineral allowing cost and carbon footprint reduction

ImerCure X10ImerCure™ X10 effectively reduces gloss in UV coatings at all film thicknesses, while at the same time imparting improved hardness, strength and flexibility. It shows no impact on surface smoothness and optical properties such as transmission and clarity, and has little effect on formulation viscosity. Cost reduction by replacement of binder is therefore also possible.


Supplied as an easy-to-disperse powder, ImerCure™ X10 is suitable for use in all UV-cured coating systems.


ImerCure™ X10 Physical Characteristics


Brightness UV Absorbance Coefficient (m2/g) Refractive Index Surface area
(BET; m2/g)
Median Particle
Size (d50 nm)
pH Oil Absorption
87 0.005* 1.56 16 500 5.5 46


All technical data is provided for information only. It does not constitute a specification.

* At 350 nm


Product Related Literature

PDF FileImerCure™ X10 - The state-of-the-art matting agent for UV wood furniture coatings [544KB]




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