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The worlds largest supplier of white mineralsIMERYS is a leading international supplier of high-performance minerals to the polymer and coatings markets.


Drawing on a wide range of minerals with many matching characteristics - including calcium carbonates, kaolins, graphites, feldspar, mica and vermiculite - Imerys Performance Minerals makes technical products that are essential for many industries. Its principal markets are plastics & film, rubber, paints & sealants & adhesives.


All our products are backed-up by a high standard of technical service, product development and research from a team of highly experienced scientists.

Product Focus

State-of-the-art additive for UV coatingsThe novel near-nanosize mineral additive for UV-cured clear coatings

ImerCure™ X10 - an innovative combination of properties for radiation-cured coatings.

Opacilite™ high whiteness “flash calcined” kaolinOpacilite™ - High Performance Opacifier
Opacilite™ is a high whiteness “flash calcined” kaolin produced by a revolutionary new rapid heating process.

ImerSeal™ - ultrafine, coated, ground calcium carbonate. ImerSeal™

ImerSeal™ is engineered for use in moisture curing sealant adhesive systems. ImerSeal™ is an ultrafine, coated, ground calcium carbonate.

BARRISURF™ A new concept for water based barrier coatingsBARRISURF™ A new concept for water based barrier coatings
Imerys has developed new barrier kaolins as part of the BARRISURF™ product line.

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