Imerys Filtration & Performance Additives provides customers with tailor-made solutions in a highly technical field, based on the processing of kaolins, calcined kaolins, feldspar, mica and ball clays.


The development of partnerships with customers is essential within the value-added markets of performance minerals comprising plastics, nonwovens, rubber, coatings, adhesives, caulks and sealants, health, beauty & nutrition and building & construction materials.


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Calcium Carbonates
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Imerys Carbonates offers a diverse set of products suited for a wide range of applications including plastics, breathable film, paints & coatings, building & construction, adhesives, caulks & sealants, nonwoven fabrics, coal mine safety, food & pharmaceutical products, paper, and lawn care. Leveraging years of industry experience and our global research & development teams, we are able to provide guidance on how to best utilize our minerals and are capable of creating custom products to achieve the desired benefits of our customers' end products. We strive to innovate and develop our products in order to provide cutting edge technology with our cost-effective formulations.










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In the news...

NEW! ImerCare™ Scrub range

NEW! ImerCare™ Scrub range

The innovative ImerCare™ Scrub range is an engineered Perlite portfolio created as a natural alternative for polyethylene beads.

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ImerPlast™ Innovation in Polymers

NEW! ImerPlast™ - Innovation in Polymers
ImerPlast™ is designed to help you achieve bottom line savings by enabling the use of high performance polyolefin compounds in value added applications, such as pipes and geomembranes.

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ImerCare™  a new range for the personal care industry

ImerCare™ - A new range of minerals for the personal care industry

The ImerCare™ range is a multi-mineral portfolio specifically designed for personal care formulations where high purity, excellent matting effect, and high absorption are desired.

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OptiGloss™ is an ultrafine kaolin extender for high gloss water-based paints

NEW! OptiGloss™ for gloss paints

OptiGloss™ is an ultrafine kaolin extender for high gloss water-based paints.

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